Corporate Law

Do you need representation to select a business entity or organize an existing one? Do you need help drafting and negotiating contracts, shareholder or manager/member agreements, or commercial leases? Do you need assistance reviewing financial loans, raising equity through a private placement offering, or handling regulation D and blue sky filings? We offer the business law experience and expertise necessary to assist you in all facets of your business, from entity selection to  company dissolution.

Business Entity Selection

When corporate clients engage us, our first step is to work with them to review their objectives and growth goals, including their need for capital. From there, we recommend the business entity that would provide them with the most flexibility to meet their goals, whether it’s a C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or partnership, non-profit, or professional corporation. We then ensure that all compliance with the organization is complete, whether that includes filings with the Department of State or other entities for professional corporations and non-profits. Upon the establishment of the entity, we then assist in all drafting of any shareholder, member, or manager agreements that best effectuate the needs of the client.

Contract Drafting and Negotiating

We have comprehensive experience in drafting and reviewing a variety of contracts and agreements, including vendor contracts, multi media contracts, service contracts, and more. We also work with our clients in all facets of contract negotiation, whether they need guidance on how to negotiate or want us to negotiate directly on their behalf. We employ the best available strategies to protect our clients’ businesses and assets, and interface with the appropriate professionals and brokers to ensure all situational concerns such as industry-related requirements and compliance are met.

Commercial Lease

For landlords and tenants, we offer experience in negotiating and drafting lease transactions for offices, retail spaces, and restaurants. We can handle all aspects of the leasing process, from letters of intent to extension agreements to termination agreements, and we are fully knowledgeable about issues such as use restrictions, tenant exclusives, parking and access, operating covenants, good guy guarantee and more.

Financing Options

Organizations have many financing options available to them, so many in fact that choosing the right one can become overwhelming. Our attorneys sit with our clients to fully understand their business and their objectives, and then find the right type of finanancing to suit their needs. Whether the best method to raise capital is through revolving or term loans, government grants, or private placement offerings, we have the experience to handle a variety of transactions.