Elder Law

It’s never too soon to begin planning for what may come. Our office has decades of experience in preparing clients for future contingencies, whether it’s getting them ready for their “golden years” or responding to an unexpected disability or long term care need that may threaten their independence.

Whatever the circumstances, we will set up the long term care plan you need to manage the concerns of you or your loved ones.

Long Term Care Planning

At Stack & Associates, we have an extensive background in long term care planning. We provide our clients with custom-drafted documents for a variety of circumstances, including Powers of Attorney, Statutory Gift Riders, Health Care Proxies, Living Wills, Irrevocable Income-Only Trusts, Promissory Notes (for asset protection as well as income production), Supplemental Needs Trusts, and Revocable Trusts.

Medicaid & Asset Protection

It comes as no surprise that long term care costs can quickly spiral out of control and become overwhelming. We have many years of experience in this complex process, and we assist our clients in preparing for a future that is specifically suited to their current or anticipated future needs, including:

  • Community or “Home Care” Medicaid, which allows a disabled person to have part-time or live-in home health care
  • Nursing Home Medicaid, which allows a disbled person to receive custodial care in a nursing home
  • Asset Protection, which allows for protection of your assets so you’re not left penniless, while preserving some of your assets for your spouse, children, or other persons in your life

Medicaid Applications

We help our clients navigate the confusing and complex process of applying for Medicaid, from gathering the necessary documentation to assisting with income budgeting, and preparing their Medicaid applications. We also represent clients in fair hearings or appeals to protect benefits, as required, as well as assist in recertifiying benefits.


For those that do not have a Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy in place when they become disabled or unable to manage their financial or medical decisions, a Guardian of the Person or Guardian of the Property, or both, can be appointed by the court. We assist our clients with this complex and often confusing process, including:

  • Preparation of Guardianship documents
  • Representation and advocacy in court
  • Preparation of annual accounting and reporting to the court

Ancillary Services

In addition, we provide ancillary services so that all of our clients’ elder law needs can be met inhouse. These services include health care issues, real estate transactions with representation to transfer homes to protect them, reviewing and implementing loans for homes to selling homes, and advising on tax consequences, including capital gains tax, income tax, gift tax, and estate tax. Stack & Assoicates is highly skilled in the above areas and can essentially represent our client from beginning to end in all aspects of long-term care planning.